Typical IDEAS BRAND DEVELOPMENT Session Components:

• Introduction – “Setting the Stage”:
A brief overview of the session goals and an introduction to the participants.
• Discovery Phase – “Uncover the Core”:
Discuss and analise the current state of the client’s brand messaging and market position.
• Messaging Audit – “Digestibility Check”:
Evaluate the clarity and effectiveness of the brand messaging.
Key Question: Is your messaging digestible?
Differentiation Analysis – “Standout Factor”:
Identify what makes the brand unique and different from competitors.
Key Question: Does it stand out as being different?
• Disruption Workshop – “Disrupt & Inspire”:
Explore how the brand can disrupt industry norms and inspire curiosity.
Key Question: Is it disrupting people’s thinking and inspiring curiosity?
• Curiosity Session – “Please Sir, Can I have More”:
Delve into how the brand can keep the audience engaged.
Key Question: Does it inspire a curiosity that has them wanting for more?
• Creative IDEAS – “Through the Creative Lens”:
Synthesise the information gathered and start brainstorming creative ideas.
Discuss potential strategies and concepts to enhance the brand’s unique value proposition.
• Wrap-Up – “The Spark Forward”:
Summarise key takeaways and outline next steps.
Encourage the client to think about their brand and business in new, innovative ways.
Additional Elements:
Pre-Workshop Survey – “Initial Spark”: A pre-meeting questionnaire to gather preliminary insights about the client’s current brand perception and objectives.
Post-Workshop Report – “Findings”: A detailed report summarising the discoveries, insights, and recommendations from the workshop.
Purpose and Benefits:
Purpose: The Brand Development Workshop aims to provide a comprehensive and engaging framework for exploring and enhancing the client’s brand. By addressing key branding issues through structured and creative sessions, clients will gain fresh perspectives and actionable insights.
• Helps clients articulate their unique value proposition.
• Encourages innovative thinking and differentiation.
• Provides a clear, actionable roadmap for brand development.
• Enhanced client engagement and satisfaction through a well-structured, interactive process.

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