Brand Identity and Perception

After forty years in the business of Brand Development, Managed Brand Strategy and Brand Asset Creation, we can safely assert that our predictable, proven, creative process achieves long-term market or investor engagement for our clients.

The brand assessment questionnaire below aims to stimulate introspection and evaluation of various aspects of your brand image, highlighting the importance of strategic branding and roll-out strategies in achieving optimum market or investor readiness.
If you want to attract and sustain customers or partners and achieve the optimal market or investor-ready state, there are certain things you need to do (or you’ve been avoiding – you know who you are!).
Just follow these prompts and you’ll be well on your way to transforming your brand collateral.

Brand Assesstment Questionnaire

Brand Identity and Perception:

• How would you describe your brand identity in three words?
• Do you believe your current brand perception aligns with your desired image? Why or why not?
• How do you differentiate your brand from competitors in the market?

Target Audience Understanding:

• Can you clearly define your target audience segments?
• How do you tailor your brand messaging to resonate with each segment?
• What methods do you use to gather feedback and insights from your target audience?

Brand Consistency and Cohesion:

• Are all aspects of your brand (logo, colours, messaging, etc.) consistent across all platforms and touchpoints?
• How do you ensure coherence between your online and offline brand presence?
• Have you encountered any challenges maintaining brand consistency? If so, what were they?
• Brand Experience and Engagement:
• How do you create memorable brand experiences for your customers?
• What strategies do you employ to foster engagement with your brand beyond transactions?
• Can you share any instances where your brand has successfully engaged customers on an emotional level?

Brand Authenticity and Transparency

• How do you demonstrate authenticity and transparency in your brand communication?
• Have you faced any situations where maintaining authenticity was challenging? How did you navigate them?
• How do you incorporate customer feedback and suggestions into your brand’s decision-making processes?

Brand Roll-out Strategy

• Describe your current brand roll-out strategy. How do you plan and execute brand launches or expansions?
• What metrics do you use to measure the success of your brand roll-out efforts?
• Have you encountered any obstacles or setbacks during brand roll-outs? If so, how did you address them?

Investor Appeal and Long-Term Sustainability:

• How do you envision your brand appealing to potential investors?
• What steps have you taken to ensure your brand’s long-term sustainability and growth?
• How do you plan to leverage branding and marketing strategies to attract and retain investors over time?

Brand Innovation and Adaptability:

• How do you stay ahead of emerging trends and innovations in your industry?
• Can you provide examples of how your brand has adapted to changes in consumer preferences or market dynamics?
• What measures do you have to encourage a culture of innovation within your brand?

Future Brand Aspirations:

• Where do you see your brand in the next 5-10 years?
• What milestones or achievements do you hope to accomplish with your brand in the near future?
• How do you plan to continuously evolve and refine your brand to remain relevant in an ever-changing market landscape?

Final Thoughts:
• Is there a question or anything else you want to share about your brand or your aspirations for its growth and success?  Drop me an email here:


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