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September 9, 2022
September 9, 2022 Admin

The Energy of Rock & Roll in Marketing

Infusing Passion and Rebellion: Rock & roll represents passion, rebellion, and breaking free from the norm. Brands that harness the energy of rock & roll can position themselves as edgy, nonconformist, and unafraid to challenge conventions. This motivator appeals to audiences seeking adventure and those who crave excitement.

Unleashing Creativity: Rock & roll embodies artistic expression and creativity, and marketers can tap into this spirit to encourage consumers to unleash their creativity too. By framing offers that encourage self-expression and individuality, brands can foster a strong sense of identification and loyalty among their audience.

Creating a Lifestyle: Rock & roll is not just a genre of music; it represents a lifestyle and culture. Brands that embody this motivator can become an integral part of their customers’ lifestyles, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie that extends beyond a mere transaction.

Would the perhaps the most contemporary of personal motivators sit well with a 300 year-old ancestral home looking to increase the marketing reach of its brand?

Hopetoun has been the ancestral home of the Hope family for over 300 years; the present Earl of Hopetoun lives in the House, and The 4th Marquess of Linlithgow (the head of the family and Lord Hopetoun’s father) lives on the Estate. The Hope family has a long and honourable record of service to the crown, country, the law and the military.

Reporting directly to Lord and Lady Hopetoun, and one of only three creatives recommended by Scottish Enterprise, IDEAS became Hopetoun’s brand designer and future strategists, visually master-planning everything from website, advertising media and signage to communication assets, promotional materials, merchandise, livery, employee outfits and merchandise.
The IDEAS team created the brand and marketing slogan of course. They also proposed and visualised certain propositions designed to increase revenue as part of their creative role. The IDEAS Brand Evolution Strategy, at that time, hailed by SE as best-in-class, included ambitious rock concerts (considered logistically impractical by many) as well as nature trails conference facilities, film locations, farm shops and retail product ideas while also ‘brand reframing’ many of the organisation’s existing offers. The strategy was designed to raise brand awareness (nationally and internationally) and to create local community loyalty.

Lallybroch, (Midhope Castle) Scotland. Home of the Fraser’s (Outlander)
Image by Visit Scotland

Almost all of the proposals proposed with the IDEAS plan have since been initiated.
In the summer of 2005, Hopetoun saw its first major concert event; a tradition carried to this day by FLY Open Air Events.

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