Chocolate—The Sweet Temptation of Chocolate in Marketing

Indulgence and Gratification: Chocolate, the universal symbol of indulgence, can be a compelling motivator in marketing. Brands often use it to signify moments of pleasure, self-reward, and instant gratification. Framing offers that evoke the sensation of savoring delicious chocolate can entice consumers to choose their products or services.

Emotional Comfort: Chocolate is often associated with comfort and nostalgia, capable of lifting spirits and providing emotional solace. Marketers can leverage this emotional connection by crafting offers that promise to soothe, pamper, or provide a sense of familiarity and warmth.

Celebrating Occasions: Chocolate is a quintessential gift for celebrations, be it birthdays, holidays, or expressions of love. Marketing offers centered around chocolate can tap into the spirit of gifting, positioning brands as thoughtful and caring choices for special occasions.

Personal and professional motivators hold the key to unlocking hearts and minds. By understanding the psychology behind these motivators and framing marketing offers with care and creativity, brands can forge powerful connections, inspire action, and ultimately build enduring relationships with their target audiences.

IDEAS became WetWetWet’s designers and brand managers, creating everything from their hit singles and album covers to their marketing and tour merchandise.

During that time, Richard Curtis approached Wet Wet Wet about recording a cover song to soundtrack his film Four Weddings and a Funeral.

In May 1994, “Love Is All Around” entered the UK Singles Chart at number four. After climbing to number two the following week, it finally reached number one on the 29th of May. It then remained there for 15 weeks, the second-longest UK chart reign.

That summer, in a promotional deal with CadburyAlton Towers and the BBC, Wet Wet Wet performed the Concert of the Year event. As ever, Ideas devised the cross-media promotional collateral, including the custom rebranding of Cadbury’s top chocolate products to promote the distribution of 25,000 tickets. One of the most significant selling events ever.

The song spent a further 20 weeks in the UK Top 75. As of February 2018, it has sold 1.9 million copies in the United Kingdom, making it the country’s best-selling love ballad of all time. “Love Is All Around” was named the number one song in VH1’s The Ultimate Movie Soundtrack: Top 100. A song that’s helped sustain their career to this very day.